You will find here many Halbi language texts, many annotated and suitable for use in research. Some are freely available while the majority are only available for registered users:

  • Downloadable language data in the form of annotated texts and raw textual data
  • Downloadable language data sorted by  genre, and which are all annotated. Many can be freely downloaded while others are only available to registered users.
  • A variety of recorded texts, mostly in MP3 format. Some are freely available for download. However, be aware that most are only available to registered uses.
  • etc.

A very useful catalogue of resources about Halbi are available at the SIL Language Archives. Most of these are available online. They include primary texts (191), lexical resources (4), language descriptions (16), plus other resources about the Halbi language (13).

Some information about Halbi is available in the SIL Ethnologue. Unfortunately, you need an expensive subscription to access the information.

Other resources will be added to as time permits.