• Courtyard
  • Village Kids
  • Pot Buying
  • Rice Sowing
  • Buffalo
  • Drying Rice
  • Boys Ploughing


During late 1960's and early 1970's I had the good fortune to live and work in Bastar District, Chhattisgarh, India as a linguistic researcher. During that time I collected considerable amounts of language data, recorded (short) stories, texts describing daily activities, and miscellaneous conversations, and took many many photos.

This website will make available as much and as appropriate the results of the linguistic research.
What you will find here will include:

Language data in the form of annotated texts which may be downloaded.Fran and Sukuntula, late 1968 or early 69
Articles and analyses of Halbi language data.
Articles and information about Halbi ethnography.
A searchable lexicon (English to Halbi)
Photo albums

I am deeply indebted to the Halbi speaking peoples of Bastar District. Their hospitality, acceptance, and love cannot ever be fully reciprocated. So many became good friends. I was sad when the time came to leave due to circumstances beyond my control. They have remained in my heart for these many decades since.